Jessica Rossing — Personal Trainer, teaches spin and boot camp.


Bio: I have been personal training, coaching and teaching classes since 2007. Working with all types of people, with a variety of goals. I have always been involved with athletics. Growing up I played softball, hockey, tennis, swam. In college I started to run which then lead me to the sport of triathlon where I am now a 5x TEAM USA triathlete and have competed internationally in the ITU world championship. 

Certifications: ACE personal trainer,  studied exercise science


Specialties: Healthy lifestyle, endurance sports, power sports, weight loss and management, rehab/injury recovery. 


Motto: Keep reaching for the stars, follow your heart, and never give up.


Jessica Wetzel — Teaches spin and boot camp.


Bio: My group fitness instructing career kicked off in May 2009. My whole life has been surrounded by sports and athletics. Gymnastics along with track & field have created the foundation for my passion, dedication and success in athletics and fitness.

Certifications: NETA certified group fitness instructor


Specialties: Weight training & sculpting.


Fitness Motto/Philosophy: "Growth is a choice. Be willing to put yourself through anything; temporary pain or discomfort means nothing as long as you can see the experience will take you to a new level. Be interested in the unknown, and the only path to the unknown is through breaking barriers, an often painful process." - Diana Nyad

Shari Marshik — Spin Instructor


Bio: I've been spinning regularly for about 2 years, but fitness has been a part of my entire life. Besides spin, I'm in love with resistance training, I run at least 1 or 2 races a year, (I love distance relays) and I've played with triathlons.

Certifications: ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Schwinn Spinning Certified Instructor


Specialties: The playlist is everything to me! While I have definite favs, you'll always have a curated list with a few new combos sprinkled in. I have a special affinity for new riders, to show them that anybody can do this crazy, addicting and fun class!


Fitness Motto/Philosophy: Wherever you are is perfect. At evolve, my goal is to allow you the space to find the fiercest you that exists right now. Bring it on!


Amy Tweet — Hot Flow and Yoga Sculpt Instructor


Bio:  I've been practicing for 5 years now and started teaching 2 years ago. I interned at the Yoga Studio of Austin for a summer. 


Certifications: YogaFit Level One certification, NETA Group Exercise Certification


Specialties: Gentle yoga, vinyasa/fitness yoga, and warrior yoga


Fitness Motto/: Be stronger than your excuses!


Stacy Johnston — Hot Flow Instructor


Bio: Stacy has been teaching group fitness classes for approximately 20 years... yes, she started teaching at the age of 5.


Certifications: RYT 200

Specialties: Vinyasa Yoga


Motto: Be the change you want to see in the world (-Gandhi)


Tiffany Slattengren — Hot Yoga Instructor


Bio: I have been teaching the past 8 years all throughout California and Hawaii. I have studied and been personally trained by Bikram through his Intensive Teacher Training Course held at the International Headquarters of Bikram's Yoga College of India in Los Angeles, California. I have now returned home to Duluth to share this ancient healing art with the community.


Certifications: Intensive Teacher Training Course held at the International Headquarters of Bikram's Yoga College


Specialties: Bikram Yoga


Motto: Love begins with loving yourself


Jean Rodvold - Teaches Yoga Sculpt and Hot Flow.


Certifications: 200 hour Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt Training from CorePower Yoga

Jean embarked on her yoga teacher training journey in order to share the powerful benefits she experienced from yoga and find an outlet for her creative side. After completing her 200 hour Power Yoga teacher training, she felt the immense desire for more. She signed up immediately for Yoga Sculpt teacher training where she found a deep connection with the class as it suits her lively personality. She loves motivating other to find their limit and push themselves beyond what their mind says they can do. As a Nutritionist and Yoga teacher she employs a strong emphasis on self-care and self-healing. She strives to remind everyone that they carry their own peace and healing within. Jean loves impromptu dance parties, her basset hounds and lazy Sundays.

Specialities: Dynamic classes energized by breath and set to fun music! Emphasis on alignment.

Life Motto: If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.


Mia Johnson - Teaches Yoga Sculpt

Certified through CorePower Yoga.

Yoga has helped me find my true self and what is most important to me. Challenging your body, finding your edge and respecting your body. Yoga has introduced me to a lifestyle and a community that has changed my life. All my fellow yogis provide me with so much inspiration. Growing up with a professional athlete I quickly learned how important it is to keep you body in the best shape but even more importantly keep your mental health even healthier. Yoga sculpt has let me embrace both of these key elements.

Life Motto: All all of us to move through the most difficult times in grace and strength.


Jessie Hetland — Hot Flow Instructor


Bio: As an artist, dancer and teacher I always knew I was meant to help facilitate change in the world. When I was three, I immersed myself in dance and pilates and gained body awareness. In 2005 I discovered yoga in the lush jungles of Costa Rica and it has since become my daily path. A desire to help people brought my attention to education. I am certified in outdoor education with strengths in environmental ethics, leadership techniques and risk assessment. I believe in bringing kindness and nurture to the classroom to create an environment that fosters growth through curiosity. I believe that we can make the world a better place by making our lives better. I hope to enlighten and lighten those around me through a fun imaginative class designed to help build strength, flexibility and concentration in a non-competitive environment.


Certifications: 200 hour Yoga Certified, Certified Dance Teacher, Certified Outdoor Educator


Specialties: One breath to one movement, balancing poses, vinyasa flow


Motto: May you live in your lighter thoughts and learn from your darker ones.


Alisa Von Hagel — Hot Yoga Instructor 


Certifications: 200YT Yoga North, Duluth, MN
Hot Yoga Training, Inner Fire Yoga, Madison, WI


Specialties: Hot Yoga, a 90-minute class in a hot room — 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures
Somatics, the art and science of understanding the relationship between awareness, biological function and environment


  • Motto: Nothing looks as good as healthy feels.
  • The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It’s about using posture to understand and transform yourself.

Elke Wood— Evolve Hot Yoga Instructor

Elke tried her first yoga class in search of a new fitness outlet after competing in alpine ski racing up to the collegiate level. She found a new love of heated Vinyasa yoga, and discovered the benefits she felt in her body. As her practice advanced, she was amazed by what her body was capable of. Not only was yoga beneficial physically, but she also experienced a deeper mental focus and better outlook on life as she continued to dive into her practice. 

In the fall of 2013, after two years of practicing yoga, Elke signed up for teacher training at CorePower Yoga in Minneapolis, MN to pass on the benefits she found in yoga. Elke’s history as an athlete renders into her challenging classes, where she emphasizes pushing physical limits, but always understanding them. 

Motto: Each yoga practice is a unique expression of the individual!


Rylee Erickson — Teaches Hot Flow and Hot Yin

Certifications: Yoga Alliance RYT 200

Specialties: Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga

Experience: I came to yoga because I wanted to be a better runner, and I stayed with yoga because it felt like coming home. I completed my 200 RYT training with the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and taught yin and vinyasa for over a year in Minneapolis before letting Lake Superior call me north. I strive to teach classes where presentness, pranayama, and self-care are interwoven with the physical asanas.

Motto: Be present in all things and thankful for all things - Maya Angelou

Amanda Thoe-Imes — Teaches Yoga Sculpt

Certifications: Core Power Yoga Sculpt

Experience: Before moving to Duluth in November, she taught three classes a week in St. Paul. She was thrilled to find a hot yoga studio north of the twin cities to continue her practice! When she's not at the studio, Amanda works as a Research Analyst for Maurices Corporate Office. 

Specialties: I have had a lifelong love affair with theme parties. I love to spice up my classes with themes that incorporate prizes, the playlist, the flow and our yoga attire! 

Motto: The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them. - Paulo Coelho

Miriam Hanson — Teaches Hot Flow and Hot Yin

Certifications: 200hr RYT, YA

Experience: Fifteen years of practice, including classes around the world. Regular practice in: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, and exposure to many more branches of yoga asana. 

Specialties: Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flows. Every class is very unique, so be prepared to experience a wide variety of asanas to add to your repertoire!

Motto: Yoga is first about finding the breath; through the breath one unites body, mind and spirit in the moving meditation of asana practice.

Brad Brozek — Teaches Studio Cycle


Certification: Spinning and Power Camp Coach

Experience: He is a 2x Ironman athlete and Ultra - endurance sport racer where Ironman is 'short.' Longest races include Adventure Races of 10 days and a single day road bike race of 207 miles. With over 16 years of experience as a certified Spinning Instructor and Power Camp Coach my goal is to provide a challenging, fun and form focused workout. 

Motto: You only learn your limits by going beyond them.

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