Hot Flow

Focuses on alignment of movement and breath. You will flow through the poses becoming more aware of your whole body and being conscious of your breath. As the class advances, you will be moving through the poses faster, working more on balance and core strength.

Hot Fusion

A beautiful combination of our hot flow (vinyasa yoga) and hot yoga classes.

Hot Yoga

Focuses on holding 26 poses in a very hot room. This class will give you skills to deal with the challenges of life, giving lasting peace. In this practice, the systems of the body come into perfect balance, so one feels better, the body has a chance to release the old and reinvent in the new.

Yoga Sculpt

This class will compliment your regular yoga practice with a full body toning workout. Adding resistance and intensity to each pose with light weights. Get ready to squat, lunge, work the core, engage the biceps and triceps, and every thing else to build lean muscle mass.

Studio cycle

A dynamic, fat burning cardio workout on state of the art Matrix Spin Cycles. Improve your cycling abilities with hill climbs, jumps, sprints, tempo rides, and time trials.


Candle Light Slow Flow

End your night with the perfect heated flow by candlelight. This class will be a slower paced Hatha style class.



Yoga + HIIT
This class is our beauty and the beast of the studio. We combine the beauty of our vinyasa style yoga with the beast of HIIT (high intensity, interval training).
Our 60 minutes together will be broken down like this..
15-20 minute of vinyasa and core warm up.
20 minutes of HIIT, circuit training, etc.
15-20 minutes of a vinyasa cool down still ending in our savasana.


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