On June 1, 2019, Evolve Duluth began operating as a nonprofit organization. We made our transition in the community so that we would be able to provide our classes and services to underserved groups in our community where cultural or socioeconomic disparities might otherwise make our studio feel out of reach for others.

We believe in diversity as a strength, even a core strength, of our community here in Duluth. Having individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences in our studio community makes us a viable, safe, and accessible space. Inviting people from those diverse backgrounds to actively engage in our classes and creating specific programs that meet their needs solidifies our commitment to diversity.

The Core Values that inform our Vision and Mission at Evolve are:

Dignity. — We are committed to cultivating an environment where all people feel valued and included in a safe, affirming place.
Courage. — We are committed to providing classes and instructors that allow people to define and accomplish their own victories.
Generosity. — We are committed to encouraging generosity in its many forms: financial, service, spiritual, and creative.
Compassion. — We are committed to welcoming our members wherever they are in their fitness journey, with open hearts.

Evolve strives to be an inclusive and welcoming wellness community for the greater Duluth area.

Evolve offers affirming and radically accessible fitness and yoga classes for all with programs to enrich the lives of underserved people in our community.


Some of our areas of focus include working with:

Low-income families
Military Veterans
People of Color
Women in Crisis
At-risk Youth
LGBTQ and Non-Binary Individuals

We work with generous individuals and organizations for funding program-specific initiatives and we partner with organizations that align with our vision and mission.

For more information on our nonprofit, contact:
Dennis Kempton

If you would like to access our classes and have a financial hardship, please apply for financial assistance. Our assistance is based on a sliding scale and need.