Our trainers are passionate about yoga, fitness, personal wellness, and above all, your success in our programs. Our studio is a community.

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I was a yoga practitioner for 5 years before I received my RYT 200 from Kashish School of yoga in Goa, India. I love yoga not only for the benefits it gives your body, but also your mind. I love teaching vinyasa because it can be molded in to any type of class you want it to be, whether you need a workout or need to unwind. My day isn’t complete unless I make time to practice. Put your body and mind first, you’re worth it!

Motto: what excites you is not random, it is what brings you closer to your purpose. Follow it!



I was born and raised in Duluth, and am currently studying Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Running had always been my passion until I got a knee injury. That's when I discovered yoga. While I still love running and spin classes, I love the balance that yoga brings and how it is something every one can do -- no matter where their body is at.

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Through my work as a mental health therapist, I began practicing and studying yoga as a way to offer clients another tool for healing.  My goal is to have my classes bring a unique approach of experience and knowledge of the heart, mind, soul, body connection.

Certificates: Holy Yoga Instructor (soon to be Master Holy Yoga Instructor), Nationally Certified Counselor of Mental Health, Trauma Focused trained

Specialties: Restorative/Healing yoga, Trauma Informed, accepting atmosphere, come as you are. 

Motto: Love, Grace, Acceptance, Strength.



Rod Raymond, a seasoned fitness instructor, has been helping others achieve optimal fitness in his classes and workshops for over 20 years. His enthusiasm and love for fitness are only exceeded by his skill set and passion to help others become their best self. He’s the founder of Evolve and has been a student of the art of fitness promotion. His motto “You don’t need to lead a horse to water, just get him thirsty, and he’ll find a way” is about helping others find their inner motivation to exercise and live well.

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Certification: Yoga Alliance RYT 200

Specialities : vinyasa flow and yin yoga

I came to yoga because I wanted to be a better runner, and I stayed with yoga because it felt like coming home. I completed my 200 RYT training with the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and taught yin and vinyasa for over a year in Minneapolis before letting Lake Superior call me north. I strive to teach classes where presentness, pranayama, and self-care are interwoven with the physical asanas.

Motto: Be present in all things and thankful for all things -- Maya Angelou

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My love of yoga began about 8 years ago. Life was challenging me and I knew I needed to find that inner peace that I had tucked away for so long. I left my first yoga class feeling amazing. It was at that moment my yoga journey began.

I completed my 200hr YTT at Yoga North ISYI in Duluth, and began teaching independently and at local studios. The best part of yoga is the people. My passion lies in helping and getting to know others. Yoga brings people together. It is such a positive, warm, and inviting community of people where ALL BODIES are made to feel welcome and connected.

Motto: Be kind to all people.